Heavy Sigh

Growing up in my family, to comically let someone know that what they were doing was weird or embarrassing, we would utter the phrase “Heavy Sigh…” in exasperation. This was usually followed by our sibling’s (feigning surprise), “What?!” like she had no idea she was being a dork.

Thanks to my weird kids, I’ve had a few “heavy sigh” moments this week.

The twins have a new favorite game: After bath, they like to walk around with their hooded towels on. They are pretty set on keeping those darn things on their heads, long after they are dressed in jammies and getting ready for bed. “Heavy Sigh…” They look absolutely ridiculous (and totally adorable!)
twins after bath

Then there’s this guy.

this guy
A few days ago I noticed some snips of hair in the comb and on the bathroom counter. Wondering why on earth my 10-year-old would be trimming his own hair after just getting a haircut, I asked him if he had cut his hair recently. I was so not prepared for his response.

He gave a big, sheepish grin and burst out laughing. Trying to hide an embarrassed, and just a little pleased with himself, smile, he explained that he had been pretending to be a spy. He was using his gum as an imaginary listening device (insert irritated mom interjection here), and he figured the best place to hide the device was by sticking it to the middle of his forehead (are you kidding me?! You’re TEN!!). Then he tried to disguise it under his bangs, which of course got stuck to the gum and resulted in his chopping away at his hair to get the gum out. “Heavy Sigh…”

But wait, there’s more: While I was getting lunches made before work last week, Mr. Halo Soldier was tearing around the downstairs and using the babies’ little pink Fisher Price teapot as a shotgun or something, avoiding all demands for him to get ready for school and taking full responsibility for protecting me from the evil Tea Bags.  “Heavy Sigh…”


But it’s ok because I got it on video, which I’m going to play at his wedding.

YouTube Preview Image
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  1. haha! ok, that one with the gum is real funny (i’m sure it might not be as funny to you :-) )!
    Roaen recently posted…When All Else Fails, Go Visit the Airplanes | National Air & Space MuseumMy Profile

  2. your 10 year old sounds like such an imaginative person!

  3. RushedMommy says:

    It is definitely a zoo. Madeline is a tiger, Emily is a gazelle, and Logan is a chimpanzee. I’m the zookeeper, which means that John must be an animal. Let’s go with a gorilla :)

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