How Shelves Save My Sanity (A Peek into My Home)

Deep down, I am a tidy person wanting to live in a tidy house. But the reality is, I have two fussbucket babies keeping me from doing anything that requires 2 hands. I’m sure that any mom with 2 small children can relate! We live in a pretty good-sized place for being an apartment, but it just always seems so crowded in here. We don’t have a garage, so that could be the problem. Maybe we have too much stuff? Whatever the reason, my solution last year was that, since there isn’t a lot of floor space for organizational furniture, we need shelves. Lots of them. I added them one at a time and my wonderful husband did all the hammering and sawing. I just painted them, and sometimes not even that! I think I am out of places to put a shelf. On second thought, there is some space in the dining area… Side note: Don’t worry, our apartment manager doesn’t have a problem with the shelves.

Ok so each shelf was put there for one specific thing that was making my tiny tidy self nuts.

I had no place for the baby tub stuff. Shelf remedy: In the bathroom over the door.


The Boy’s backpack was always on the floor. Shelf remedy: Weird shutter shelf behind the front door.


I had no where to put my Dutch Oven. Shelf remedy: Over the kitchen window.


I’ll admit, I have too many knick-knacks (spelled right?). Shelf remedy: Living room wall.


And finally, the purely functional but not pretty solution to my husband’s backpack being on the floor and me not having anywhere to store shorts in winter/sweaters in summer. Shelf remedy: yuck-o industrial storage style in the bedroom closet.


I’m moving on from shelves. It’s time to rearrange furniture.

How do you stay organized at home? Share in the comments.

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  1. Well, they sell these low-profile tupperware-style bins and soft zippered square bag things that I fill with 1. Christmas stuff
    2. gift wrap 3. whatever…’s under the bed, but stays clean and easy to pull out and use. Great for short people.

  2. You are right ~ shelves solve alot of problems. Also, under-bed storage solutions. Great for short people.

  3. They look great! I wish we could add shelves to our apartment. We live in a small apartment and space is always an issue!

    • RushedMommy says:

      I agree, space Is an issue in a small place. Thank goodness for Pinterest, I’ve gotten a lot of ideas off of there to stay organized and tidy.

  4. Cheryl Kennedy says:

    I love shelves! I want to knock out all the drywall in my bathroom and put shelves into the nooks that are left behind! Love love love shelves. Can’t get enough. (Great blog, Nik!)

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