A Beautiful Thanksgiving Day

Happy Thanksgiving

So far we don't have a Thanksgiving "routine". We end up doing something different every year as our family grows and changes. 4 years ago we took Logan to see John's family in Northern California. 3 years ago we visited my parents because we had newborn twins. 2 years ago we went to Northern California again. Last year we were in the hospital for the birth of Baby John. This year we were back at … [Read more...]

Weaning My Last Baby-Sad Transition or Cause to Celebrate?

weaning my last baby at one year old

It’s here. The change I’ve known would eventually happen finally did. Now that baby John is 1 year old, I’ve decided it’s time to think about weaning him. My breastfeeding journey has been a challenging one through all 4 children. With my oldest, I worked 2 jobs and pumped on my breaks. But no matter what they tried, the daycare ladies couldn’t get him to take a bottle. I weaned him at 9 months … [Read more...]

Disney Themed DIY Thanksgiving Kids Table Decor

Disney themed Thanksgiving kids table decor and activity

Did your family have a "kids table" for big holiday get-togethers? We did, and it was always my goal to grow old enough to move up to the adults table. Maybe part of the problem is that the grown-up table was nicely decorated for the event, while the kids table was devoid of holiday cheer. This year there are enough children between my sisters and I to necessitate having a kids table-sorry, … [Read more...]

Apple Cinnamon Turnovers

apple cinnamon turnovers

Apple pastries are a yummy treat for any Fall gathering. This recipe is easy and the turnovers are great with tea or coffee. I made a big batch to share with some children’s ministry volunteers at church and by the end of the service all my apple cinnamon turnovers were gone! That really helped boost my confidence as a wanna-be chef. :) Plus, everyone was smiling as they hung out with the kiddos. … [Read more...]

Mom-Approved Double Strollers for Parents of Twins

twin mom approved double strollers

With plenty of double strollers on the market, it’s hard to know which ones would work well for a family with twins. When we were expecting twins we spent a lot of time researching double strollers, specifically ones that would hold two non-sitting infants. Often, a double stroller is designed for an older child and a baby. Especially when you shop online, it is important to know whether the … [Read more...]

Coming Up for Air #52Project


This post is inspired by my current schedule. Report card time always zaps me of time and energy, so here I am, coming up for air, in this week's #52Project. RING RING RING Alarm clock. Fumble in the dark. Cuddle sleepy baby. Nursing, try not to fall asleep. Get set for the day, looking at the clock. Tick, tock. Tick, tock. Hurry up and go! Breakfast in the car. Drive, stop. Drive, … [Read more...]

Simple Frittata Recipe

You won't believe how easy this simple frittata recipe is! Perfect for a quick family dinner!

If you are a family on a budget, eggs make a great dinner option. They're inexpensive, low-fat, and packed full of protein. Thankfully, all my kids eat eggs (although some require them to be smothered in catch up but hey, I'll take what I can get!). I came up with this simple frittata recipe using what I had on hand at home. You can put almost any veggies into a frittata. Just make sure you steam … [Read more...]

Parenting with Purpose

parenting with purpose

How many parents do you know that put all their effort into raising their child right? I'm guessing probably all of them. As parents, kids are our number one priority. W are careful to dress them appropriately for the weather, feed them healthy food, and make sure they work hard in school. And through it all we want to instill in them our personal core values to help them to grow up to be … [Read more...]

Busy days, hair braids, and happy birthday to you! #52Project


You know how in those old-school cartoons, the cartoonists use a calendar with the pages flying off to show that time is going by really quickly? That's kind of how my life feels right now. Sometimes I look at my kids and just can't believe how fast they are growing up. My neighbor and I were chatting yesterday about that same thing and he mentioned his surprise at Logan's voice changing. I said, … [Read more...]

The True Meaning of ‘Important’


The day was coming to an end, and there were still plenty of important things yet to be done: emails to send, dinner ingredients to prep, and a toy-littered house that had been neglected for way too long. And then, the minute I finally set the baby down to play on the floor so I can be productive, it happened. My 3 year old tugged on my hand, one of her favorite books in her little outstretched … [Read more...]