Get Cash for your Store Credit

gift cards for cash

  Have you been hanging on to gift cards that you haven’t used? Gift cards get a permanent home in our purses and wallets for a number of reasons. While a wonderful thought from the giver, occasionally we receive a gift card for a store that we just don’t use (like a Starbucks card given to a non-coffee-drinker). Or perhaps you received store credit for an item that you returned to a store, … [Read more...]

Happiness #52project Week 6


 “Happiness is not having what you want. It is appreciating what you have." Unknown    I appreciate the endless sacrifices my husband makes for me and the children. My family brings me so much happiness. What do you appreciate? … [Read more...]

Getting Twins on a Schedule

twins on a schedule

It was so important to me to get my twins on a schedule. I wanted to be able to dictate when they slept and ate, thinking it would give me more freedom. This vlog tells how getting twins on a schedule went down for us. … [Read more...]

Workin’ the System #52project Week 5


  This week for my #52project post I'm showcasing all 4 kiddos. I just couldn't choose any one photo to share, so here are 2 photos and 1 YouTube video. Enjoy! The oldest first. Ok, technically this isn't from this week and it's also not a photo. My Timehop app suggested I share it (thanks, Timehop!), so it's from  this week, one year ago. Logan being his usually silly self, taking down the … [Read more...]

Give Thanks

give thanks

In the midst of personal struggle, it is so easy to fixate on the terrible things at hand and forget all about the wonderful things that we can be thankful for. Today I want to give thanks.  For good friends who have been by my side when times are tough. Friends who seem to mostly get calls and texts from me when I need prayer and support. Thank you, ladies. I truly value your ongoing concern … [Read more...]

One-Pot Meal: Beef with Veggies and Wild Rice

beef one pot recipe

This is a great one-pot meal for the whole family. When I serve this dish to our family of 5 (that have teeth, anyway), there are usually plenty of leftovers. You can use pre-cut stew meat to save on time, but I find that the pieces are too big and it makes for a more chewy texture. For my methods behind quick stew meat cooking, read this article on best, quick, browning … [Read more...]

This Face


The face of an infant. So fragile. Dependent upon you for everything. When this face is sad it breaks my heart. And when it smiles I find joy like nothing else. I will always be by your side, I will try to make everything right, For as long as you will let me, I will kiss the sweet cheeks of This face.   … [Read more...]

January Wrap-Up


The first month of 2015, gone so quickly! I thoroughly enjoyed it. I went on an itsy-bitsy “hike” with my mom and the twins at Torrey Pines State Park, down in coastal San Diego. My bilingual credential was FINALLY approved (the test I was studying for way back when). I went back to work and survived, in spite of all my sappy boo-hooing. Logan has been busy after school, with Mandarin on … [Read more...]

Soooo… Now What? #52Project Week 4

Week 4 So Now What?

I don’t know if she knew how appropriate her comment was, but Emily cracked me up this week. We were at Logan’s baseball tryouts. I had just deposited him at the correct field, just barely on time, and was carrying the baby while a terrible-twos Madeline was screaming hysterically because she saw a fly somewhere on the planet and flies terrify her. With the girls both going in different … [Read more...]

Crock Pot Pulled Pork Sandwiches

crock pot pulled pork sandwiches

I’ve made this several times for my family or for work potlucks. It is one of those dump-it-and-go kinds of meals that are easy to prepare before work in the morning and are ready when you get home. I used pork shoulder roast for this crock pot pulled pork recipe, but you can use butt roast or tenderloin and still get great results. Ingredients 3-4 pounds pork shoulder roast 2 small onions, … [Read more...]