Little Hands, Big Smiles #52Project


When you look at these next few photos, try to guess where we spend a lot of our time (I’ll tell you the 2 places at the end of this post). Can you believe how big he is? Baby John is always giving big smiles. He is the sweetest little squishy baby ever.  These munchkins. More big smiles.From Instagram. I was experimenting with shutter speeds and, while this picture is not great in … [Read more...]

California Chicken Recipe

california chicken easy chicken recipe

I’m calling this recipe “California Chicken” because many of the ingredients are common in Southern California recipes: Avocados, tomatoes, and hot peppers are the basics of many great local dishes. Plus, anything with tomatoes, cheese, and avocado makes me think of my small hometown-the avocado capital of the world! We eat a lot of chicken and rice in our home. One of the challenges is finding … [Read more...]

#52Project A Yearbook of Our Lives


There are 2 awesome things about taking a photo a week: 1. It gives you a personal yearbook of your life 2. You end up with way more than one great photo a week. I'm looking for moments to photograph every day, so I have more than just one favorite for each week. Here are some of my favorites over the last 4 weeks.Do you know how hard it is to get your teenagers to let you take their … [Read more...]

What I Really Want My Kids To Learn


Raising my children is my #1 priority. At the end of the day I want to be able to look back and see that I modeled and taught some core essential values to my kids. Love  I want my children to behave in a kind and loving manner to those around them. It's no big deal to be loving to your family because, well, you're supposed to. It's the norm. But what really matters is how you treat others, … [Read more...]

I’m Going to Disney’s Social Media Moms Celebration On the Road! 


  A few weeks ago I got an email from "Walt" (yes, as in Disney ). Ok, maybe it was from "Walt Disney Parks and Resorts", but still... Pretty cool, huh? Let me tell you why: Back in April I had registered to attend the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration 2015. It's a shortened version of the annual conference, which was held in Florida this year. I've seen a lot of bloggers talking about … [Read more...]

When Should You Start Buying Supplies for Twins?

when to buy supplies for twins

Finding out your are having twins is such an amazing revelation. It’s not uncommon to want to run out and buy all the things right away. In this post I’ll share my advice for when to buy baby stuff for those who are just itching to get started.  Early on: Diapers and the big stuff I highly recommend stockpiling diapers from the get-go because a) they can get pretty expensive and b) the first 4 … [Read more...]

Family Fun Photo Dump #52Project


  Confession: I love keeping up with my photo a week personal challenge, but I was getting kinda embarrassed that my #52Project posts were, like, practically the ONLY posts on my blog. I debated about canning the project, but I'm not one to quit at anything, so my next thought was to just do one post a month and include a photo a week from that month. That was end of March, and here we are … [Read more...]

Lazy Man’s Stuffed Cabbage Casserole

Lazy Man's Stuffed Cabbage

  Looking for a cheap dinner recipe? Lazy man’s stuffed cabbage is a great combination of low-cost and easy to prepare ingredients. But first, let me tell you the story of how I came across Lazy Man’s Stuffed Cabbage. As you probably know, I am a teacher. Lately we’ve been struggling to stay under budget, and one of the best people to give advice on low-budget meals is the SAH-wife of my … [Read more...]

The Smell of Campfire and Ocean Spray

Mom and Logan

  This Mother's Day I'm sharing one of my favorite memories of my mom. Camping is a passion of my mom's. She was fortunate enough to have been raised with some amazing camping experiences and she did her best to share her love of camping with her children. When I was little we used to go camping twice a year with several other families at a little beachside campground in Santa … [Read more...]

English-to-Toddler Picture Dictionary

Emily Swimmin'

Kids say the darndest things, don’t they? Thankfully, we aren’t at the stage where the girls say horribly embarrassing things about strangers at full volume. Madeline and Emily are in the “See how cute she says ___” stage. And it’s awesome. For a while, I did that thing you’re not supposed to do and compared my twins’ lack of vocabulary to the extensive vocabulary of other twins their same age. … [Read more...]