So What Are You Wearing Out This Evening?


Me? I’m going to wear a baby. One of the hardest adjustments to having newborn twins was that I was constantly trying to hold them. I had no idea how much easier things could have been if I just carried both in a wrap. It’s crazy that it took having the fourth baby to figure out the ease and convenience of babywearing, but this is my new favorite thing EVER. My journey to enlightenment started … [Read more...]

Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt-Fun, Frugal Family Night Out


One of my favorite family Holiday traditions is when we all pile into the van, with cups of hot cocoa in our hands, and drive around town looking at all the beautifully decorated houses. This year I've added a Christmas lights scavenger hunt to our evening of fun. We are going out tonight to check out the lights at a neighborhood nicknamed "Candy Cane Courts". There are entire cul-de-sacs of … [Read more...]

Terrified of Having Twins? 18 Pieces of Advice from a Mom Who has Been There

twin dolls

There will be easy days and there will be hard days. How you respond to them makes all the difference. People are going to ask you what you want for baby showers and the like. Ask for gifts of meals, help around the house or with holding babies so you can sleep/shower, and diapers. Trust me, you won’t regret it. Get ready-early! Pack your hospital bag, purchase and install your carseats, and buy … [Read more...]

Keeping it Classy


In case you missed it on my Facebook page, I had a baby last week. I’m exclusively breastfeeding this baby, but I’ve never been great at breastfeeding. I’m awkward at covering myself, I fumble with my cover, and I’m just not that good at it for the first few weeks. I feel like a toddler learning to go potty. You know how they strip all the way down just to sit on a potty and pee? That’s me, only … [Read more...]

Welcome Home, Baby!

new baby John

Life in the Rushed Mommy home have been cra-zy! Report cards, prepping for a long-term substitute, and –oh, yeah, being 9 months pregnant really take a toll on you! I feel like I’ve been in “survival mode” for the last month at least. But thankfully, all that is in the past. I am officially on maternity leave for 5 more weeks because (drumroll please)… Ta Daaaa!!! Baby is finally here! He’s a … [Read more...]

Losing the Potty Training Battle

potty training

Potty training twins is not going so well. The girls are not open to sitting on the potty, even for fun. Emily throws a fit whenever you take off her diaper. They don’t talk enough to let us know when they have to go, and I doubt they even know themselves when they need to go! They can’t pull up/down their training pants on their own. Mommy and Daddy are gone during the day, so the girls … [Read more...]

Twin Talk and a Little Taylor Swift

FullSizeRender (2)

The twins are finally starting to talk more! I was worried that they’d chat my ears off as soon as they started developing some language, but so far we’re all enjoying the little things they have to say. As of now, they ramble in baby talk for a few ‘words’, and finish up their ‘sentence’ with the thing they are trying to communicate. Like this: “blah, blah, blah, shoe”. They use a few 2-word … [Read more...]

Wait! I’m Not Ready!

baby boy

Well, baby #4 will be here in the next 6 weeks or so. In our hearts we are ready to meet him and love him to pieces. But in our home you’d never guess that we are expecting a new baby. Crib: We don’t have one. Well, that’s not exactly true. We have 2 cribs, but they’re currently occupied by the twins. Clothing and blankets: We don’t have a stitch of blue or boy-colored anything. We have girl … [Read more...]

Save Time with Dinner Prep Shortcuts

dinner prep

With some advanced planning, busy working moms can manage to get it all done and still maintain their sanity. One thing that really helps to save time is to plan your dinners ahead of time, and do all your grocery shopping over the weekend. After that, you can cut weeknight dinner prep times drastically by taking care of some of the work ahead of time. We eat brown rice several nights a week, but … [Read more...]

Itinerary For A Great Anniversary Weekend With The Kids


My husband and I celebrated our third anniversary last week. I know, we're just babies when it comes to our marriage. Here's what we did to have a great anniversary weekend, kids and all. Husbands, give your wife a traditional anniversary gift. The third year is supposed to be a gift of leather, here's how my husband managed to give me a leather gift that was cost-effective, useful, and fun (he … [Read more...]