Fun Twin Stuff


One of the coolest things about having twin children is watching their two little unique personalities simultaneously emerging. Lately I’ve been delighting in the very different preferences that they are developing. Emily is a bigtime cuddle bug, while Madeline is usually content on her own. Emily is a pretty good eater, but we’ve been having a lot of difficulty getting Madeline to try new things. … [Read more...]

What You Really Need to Think About Before Going Back to School

Who doesn’t love going back to school? New supplies, new clothes, new classes and new friends… After having spent a decade working in schools, I can tell you from a teacher’s perspective that you may not have thought of everything. Allow me to clue you in on 6 things you really need to think about before going back to school. Know the school’s dress code. This can be obtained from the school … [Read more...]

Working Mom Blues

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me

As much as I love my job, I am really missing my babies. Maybe my vacation was too long. I became too content in my home-all-day routine. Now that I'm back to being a working mom again, I miss those days. I miss the quiet mornings the most. While on vacation, I’d begin the day by waking up before the rest of the family, reading my Bible and enjoying a cup of coffee in the quiet. Then when Emily … [Read more...]

Launching into the New (School) Year


Today I officially returned to school. What? It’s barely the first of August, you say? Yes, our school district let out in MAY so we are all back at work now and kids return to class on the 11th. Until then my calendar is packed with staff “retreats” (apparently a cute name for staff development days, I looked for the poolside lounge chairs but there were none in sight!), “Welcome Back … [Read more...]

We Survived Another Road Trip With Twins!


Folks, I am happy to say that we have now driven 2 looooooooong road trips with twins in the same year and have lived to tell the tale. Back in November when the girls were just over 1 year old we traveled from our home in San Diego my father-in-law’s house which is at basically the northernmost tip of California. We loaded the minivan with snacks, toys, 2 Pack ‘n Plays, winter coats that had to … [Read more...]

I Held Your Hand

held hand

When you were small, I held your hand and protected you from harm.  When you were hurt I held your hand and brushed away the tears. When you were sick I held your hand and kissed your flushed red cheek. When you were scared I held your hand and told you not to fear. When you prayed I held your hand as you voiced your thoughts to God. When you slept I held your hand to keep bad dreams … [Read more...]

The Luckiest Teddy Bear

The twins each have a comfort item that they take to bed at night and carry with them in the car. Emily has two, actually: A stuffed puppy dog and a baby doll. She gives a lot of kisses, so it takes two dolls to be on the receiving end of her affections. Madeline has one very treasured bear. It was once white with a red sweater and two jingle bells sew onto his scarf. Many years ago, when it was … [Read more...]

Baby #4 Gender Reveal

gender reveal question

And baby #4 is a… Nope, I’m not telling yet! And no fair scrolling down to the end of the post! I’ve got my eye on you… Let me start by saying that my husband and I are ok with baby #4 being either a boy or a girl. Of course, we just want a strong and healthy baby. But in my heart I really want a boy. Our big kid is mine from before we were married, and together my husband and I have the … [Read more...]

We’re Big Girls Now! Weaning the Twins from Pacifiers


It was time. My husband and I had talked about it for a while, but when we heard the pediatrician’s offhanded comment, “You should really think about taking those things away", we figured the time was now. I had my reasons: The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends parents consider weaning their baby from a pacifier after one year (and our girls were past that age). I was starting to … [Read more...]

Surviving the First Weeks of Twin Babies

  Congratulations! Your twins are here! … Now what do you do with them? The arrival of twins can be a real reality check for parents. Even parents who have older children take some time adjusting to their new twin babies. Along with all the wonderful things about having twins comes just a smidgen of hardship. Your biggest challenge will be the tandem crying. Once you are on your own … [Read more...]