Joy in the Unexpected

I used to feel that, where we are right now… Something’s got to change. Like It just isn’t healthy for our family, for our marriage, for our bodies both mentally and physically. Yet I’m at a loss. I’ve read hundreds of articles on working mom solutions and their advice is terrible because most of them are helpful in a situation where the family has enough money to hire a nanny or cleaning help, or … [Read more...]

Not Afraid to Look a Mess

Four kids and I'm still trying to figure out this mom thing. I have to say, I've got some answers but for the most part I'm just as baffled as the next mom. Wondering if I'm doing the right thing, praying I didn't do anything to screw up my kids too bad... All the while fighting insecurity about my often disheveled-looking house and kids. But you know what? Sometimes we just look a mess. And today … [Read more...]


The theme this week for me was “celebrate”. There were a lot of things to celebrate. Also, I’ve been a bit down lately. Writing out my celebrations helps me to stay focused on the positive. :) This post may contain affiliate links.This week there are 5 things I’m celebrating: We’re all celebrating a visit with my sister from Jersey!!! Kelly and her daughter arrived Thursday and I was sooooo … [Read more...]

Tips for Keeping a Tidy House

Keeping a tidy house is a process that requires ongoing effort. You are going to feel overwhelmed with the amount of cleaning to be done if you always save it for the weekend.  Disclaimer: Some of the links are affiliate. If you choose to click through to buy, the company may send me a few pennies. Your support of this blog is appreciated!Tips for keeping a tidy house: Keep a tight reign on … [Read more...]

Mommy/Daughters Date at Disney Frozen on Ice

While the rest of North America was getting beaten by the massive storm Jonas, my girls and I got all decked out to see Disney Frozen on Ice. It was a fun day of mommy/daughters bonding and singing along to Disney songs!The girls and I never get time to just have a girls day, so we went all out. We stayed in jammies until it was time to put on pretty dresses, and why not? Disney on Ice is like … [Read more...]

Family Time on a Short Week

How can it be that a 3-day work week was so stinkin tough? I have no idea, but it totally was! We had Monday off for Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday, and I have flex Fridays, so I only really had to work Tuesday through Thursday. And let me tell you, I about crumbled in a tired heap each night. Getting in some family really time took some effort this week. Maybe it’s that I’m not getting enough … [Read more...]

Bedtime Reward Chart when a Child Won’t Stay in Bed

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.   One of the twins is not a very good sleeper. She wakes up at the crack of dawn, regardless of how early she went to bed. She frequently gets up in the middle of the night wanting to join Mommy and Daddy in their bed-which would be fine with me, if she actually planned to do any sleeping while she was there. But of course it’s waaaaaaaayyyyy more … [Read more...]

Jammies and Busy Nights

Well, the little guys did nothing. Mommy did laundry. But seriously, that's about all I did! Haha. It was a wonderful weekend of some much-needed rest for the busy week ahead. This little guy is such a happy camper. If you say something to him that sounds like a question he automatically says "Mmm-Hmmm". And nearly every time he enters a room he says "Hi, you!", which is what Mommy always says to … [Read more...]

One-Pan Kielbasa and Rice

I love any dinner recipe that doesn’t result in me washing a ton of dishes after the meal. Enter my all-time favorite cooking style: throw it all in one pot! Using instant rice helps this one-pan kielbasa dinner come together quickly. The recipe also combines cheap ingredients to meet all the food groups for a well-rounded meal. But just for good measure, it couldn’t hurt to pair it with some … [Read more...]

When I Was Expecting Twins, I Wondered…

Nobody can realistically plan or be prepared for twins. In our case, it was a tremendous shock when we found out we were about to be twice blessed! As I started mentally preparing for their arrival, I had a lot of questions about what it would be like. I knew all about pregnancy and caring for a ‘singleton’. But twins? This was all new territory for me and John! As soon as I announced the big … [Read more...]